Generators in Kenya Suppliers

We are an award winning Perkins generators dealer in Kenya, Generators Kenya showroom is conveniently located at DRS House ground floor, Lusaka road (opposite Shell Petrol station).

GKL is one of biggest generators supplier in Kenya and top ten biggest providers of off-grid power solutions and renewable energy in Kenya.
Our specialty includes: diesel generators, solar water heaters, solar energy, inverters and UPS.
Our products are sourced from world best brands providing quality products at affordable prices.
Our technical sales personnel offer quality technical advice while our engineers spread across the country offer quality and reliable after-sales service & support.

Diesel generator prices
5.5kva standby/prime rated,single phase generators @ Ksh 150,000.00
11kva standby / 10 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 850,000.00
17kva standby / 15 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 950,000.00
22kva standby/20 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 1,050,000.00
33kva standby/30 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 1,150,000.00
55kva standby/50 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 1,450,000.00
65kva standby/60 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 1,550,000.00
88kva standby/80 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 1,750,000.00
110kva standby/100 kva prime rated diesel generator @Ksh 1,850,000.00

Solar Water Heater (fully installed) prices:
150L solar water heating system @ Ksh 80,000.00
200L solar water heating system @Ksh 90,000.00
300L solar water heating system @Ksh 100,000.00

Solar panels prices:
Solar panels(from Germany) Ksh 100 per watt

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
2kva UPS @ 35,000
10kva UPS @ 350,000

6kva inverter @ 210,000
10kva inverter @ 510,000

Nikkon LED solar street lights 90W @14,000

Generators for Hire

We are not only a supplier, but also a SOLUTION PROVIDER. We specialize in turnkey installations. Our extensive work scope includes design, testing, installation, and training. With years of experience, our products and services are unmatched.
We are always willing to assist, whether it is for a quote, site survey, generator problem or any issue within our scope of expertise.
For any enquiry, feel free to contact us.
Call us today : 0722574891/ 0733938454 / 020 2213300
Email: info@generatorskenya.co.ke