Generators in Kenya at Cheaper Prices for Homes & Businesses

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Generators Kenya Limited is among many businesses that have reduced the prices of their solar items and generators. This was effected in January 2017. For more information on price changes visit

It may seem impossible to integrate Diesel Generators and Concentrated solar power but that is not true according to Generators Kenya Limited. The company believes that a combination of solar power and diesel generators will play an important role in low-carbon transition in the planet. Extensive research on how to effectively integrate solar PV system and electric generator is necessary to successfully effect low carbon development.

Engineer Sammy Nyiri, the company CEO says that electrical energy system in Kenya is demand led. This means that every time customers turn their lights or television sets on the grid should receive sufficient power from the ‘grid’. Unfortunately, this does not always happen because power generation does not meet the need for power by customers. In order to meet the demand for energy in Kenya, integration of renewable resources like off-grid rooftop PV systems and non-renewable resources of energy is inevitable.

Generators Kenya Limited has come up with exclusive designs that are unique thus allowing distributors to set up solar power stations for households and businesses quickly and effectively. The combination of small renewable energy feature and backup generators allows the generation of electrical energy on sunny or cloudy days making Generators Kenya Limited products perfect for different seasons in many parts of Kenya.

Power should be readily available to consumers throughout, even during El Nino rains. Some households and businesses have experienced 12hours+ blackouts in the past due to heavy rains that have affected electrical energy conversion as there has been hardly any sunlight during such seasons. Unexpected power shortages are inconveniencing and costly. This can be attested by households and business owners that have had experienced power outages. Sufficient power supply is crucial because it is needed basically, for fuel and emergency response communication.

Households and company owners should see to it that they do not experience blackouts. But how do they do it? Some use motor-generators or wearable generators. However, this solution does not work out so well. To exceed the bare fundamentals, integration of solar power with diesel generators and gas generators is inevitable. This kind of innovation is forthcoming because it is efficient and independent.

Resilient stand-alone power systems have been released by Generators Kenya Limited . Introduction of new durable innovation together with signal generators will allow communities and homes to have clean reliable energy despite electrical energy outages. This is a customer driven product with the idea of helping customers to understand and undertake effective methods that allow them to progress with resilient power.

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